Saturday, December 14, 2013

Movie Review: What The Fish - Absolutely Tasteless

Rating  - Really?

Gurmmeet Singh’s What the Fish is an absolutely tasteless but very useful movie? Why useful? Because this gives you the chance to access the genuineness of movie reviews.  Today I judged the reviewers and not the movie. The verdict has been passed - any reviewer who gives this movie a rating higher than ½ * should not be trusted in the future.

The problem is not with the story, but with its treatment. This story could have been a successful comedy had it been treated well.  Unfortunately, it the hands of Gurmmeet Singh, it turned into a rotten fish. Are you nevertheless expecting me to brief you about the story line, the acting and the characters? Well, you will have to excuse me this time -  I have spent enough of my precious time watching this movie and I really do not wish to kill another few minutes reviewing it. Trust me, just steer clear of this one.


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