Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobaara

Milan Luthria's OUATIMD gets a rating of 3/5 - star one for dialogues , star 2 for dialogues and star 3 for dialogues! The dialogues by writer Rajat Arora are so powerful that they have overshadowed the performances by all the actors in the movie. Yet, if I were to pick one performance from to the movie as the best I would say Sonakshi's acting fairly stood out.

This sequel is almost like the first one except for the following differences:

The "Maashuka": In the last movie Mumbai city was Shoaib's "Maashuka";however in this one clearly all his energies are focused on his new love Jasmine.

The Magic of Ajay Devgan: I terribly missed Ajay during the movie. It took me some time to accept Akshay as the lead actor in the sequel. Akshay's acting is not bad but he clearly lacks Ajay's conviction.

Here is my advice to the movie goers:
For those of you who crave for action and thrill - steer clear of this one
For those who need enjoy love triangles - this is a one time watch for you
For those who need a dose of dialogues - go and watch this one, you will not be disappointed. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Review: Chennai Express – Rohit Shetty manages to get SRK do some comedy

A North Indian man helps a South Indian girl board the train in DDLJ style,  and soon finds that he has given a helping hand to a don’s daughter. Through the series of events that follow - involving a good mix of drama, action and comedy – the two eventually fall in love. Yes, you are right, there is nothing great about the story. However, “Chennai Express” stills gets 2.5 stars from me for the movie did manage to make me laugh at regular intervals , beautifully presented  the  rural locations in South India and successfully kept  the non-Tamil speaking audience engrossed even with no subtitles for the plenty of Tamil dialogues in the movie.

After having watched Ra.One if you had lost faith in SRK’s comedy acting skills and dreaded the cheap humor in his films – this one will likely restore your faith to some extent – all credit goes to Rohit Shetty’s direction. Though, SRK still needs improve a lot - maybe take a lesson or two in drunken comedy from the Deols, I am glad that he has at least moved up a few levels from “horrible” to “bearable”.

SRK fans can watch the movie to get a few glimpses of his earlier romantic hits. Like most of the recent SRK movies this one too was scripted with just SRK in mind; however, kudos to Deepika,  who still has managed to leave a lasting impression as the accented Meena.

My final take on the movie is – “time-pass for a dull, uneventful weekend”