Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Review: Ghanchakkar - Good Performances, Poor Direction!

Three robbers pull off a bank loot, decide to share the booty after 3 months when things settle down, the robber entrusted to keep the bags safe suffers a memory loss and so the booty goes missing. A good enough plot, but still the movie fails to engage.

Ghanchakkar Review @ Cine Essence
The movie in its essence is a overstretched comic thriller. Oh wait, let me think again. Okay fine, just because the director attempted to make a thriller, I need not be kind to tag it so. The movie is actually a clumsy comedy.A disclaimer, when classifying the movie as a comedy, I am assuming that a few laughs here and there are enough for a movie to be tagged as a comedy.

You will begin watching the movie thinking that Emraan's character is the movie is the "Lazy lad, but you will walk out convinced that the "lazy lad" in the movie is actually the scriptwriter.

The first thing that comes of my mind when I think of the movie is the loudness of Vidya's Character - though she far exceeds the expectations of the role, her acting cannot change the fate of the poorly directed movie. Rajesh Sharma too delivered a fine performance. Well, the others were not bad either. However, the best performance in the movie was given by the robbers' paper masks - I just loved those expressions!

I found myself looking at my watch thrice over during the movie, thinking if watching this absurd movie is the best use of my free time on a Sunday afternoon. For those who have not seen the movie yet, don't worry, there is nothing much that you are missing.


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